November 15, 2004



You're like the only person who ever writes anything funny anymore about this kind of stuff. At least consistently.


Ahh, finally I can strongly disagree. This is an intelligent move that will do good for the game. I'm sick of territorial mmorpgs, one of the strengths of internet is about shattering these idiotic boundaries. This is why I can read what you write from Italy.

What they did? They removed simply a flag on a server, helping the community to spread along the timezones, so to keep the population more steady on all the servers and along a whole day. Making the game more playable for everyone.

This is exactly the opposite of Blizzard policy, which I've strongly attacked.

I already wrote how Blizzard's plan to "flag" the servers as west and east coast will severely damage the game itself. Even before forcing those servers. This is design. This isn't about money.


Abalieno -

There was no 'flag' on Runnyeye. SOE wasn't forcing UK players to pick that server - they merely attached the title "UK Preferred" to the server in an effort to help the UK players meet up. I know there are Americans on that server as well. Alternatively, UK players, Australian players, East Ivory Coast players can head to whatever server they want and, as a result, balance populations.

I understand the UK players are angry here because they were promised one thing (special server with timezone specific support), were given a "lite" version instead (a tagged server so people knew where to go for other UK citizens), and now even though they know they are playing with other UKers, its seen as a slap in the face because something was taken away - even if it was only a bunch of words. They've always had the choice of what server to join, and continue to have that option, but people like to be given the opportunity to be catered for - especially when these are people that are used to have servers down during their play time, and are faced with a lack of customer service.

I think the Blizzard situation is different in the fact that players are being *forced* onto particular servers, regardless of what language(s) they can speak, or where their friends/family are. I am vehemently against this.


Oh, and dusematic, your cheque is in the mail. Thanks. :)


I love a guy who is secure enough in his manhood to spell check with a 'q'.

D 0ne

My sides hurt. From now on news about SOE can just be written thusly.

SOE makes a lot of money no matter what they do. SOE is swimming in the stuff. SOE has the bedside manner of a Hyena on crack. You know vicious, a stupid uncontrollable laughing sound every time they open their mouth and really, really paranoid.


hrrm Im an Australian living in New England, what server do I play on? Im confused.:P

Blizzard's policy is more retarded though, the whole forcing ppl to play on localised servers, ie they are too cheap to provide real bandwith.


"I love a guy who is secure enough in his manhood to spell check with a 'q'."

That's us Aussies for you. We all use a 'q'.

It's also the silent letter in crocqodile. And kqangaroo.


no no you have it all wrong blizzard pissed off a large group of people with the armor change so SOE had to one up them by pissing off a whole region

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