February 25, 2005


Carl Short


Whether he agrees with it or not, it is done. And while I may not agree with paying taxes, that doesn't change the fact that by law, the money belongs to the government.


What exactly is wrong with selling accounts? I honestly don't know. Other than some silly concept of games being work that is.


Your character (corporate owned datas) belong to the company that made the game. Selling other peoples asset is rarely a good idea...

Incidentaly, that is why you cannot sue the game owner if you accidentaly lose you "Sword of Uberness" in a server rollback. Believe me, you wouldn't like to be a player in a world where players really "owns" the datas.


Fair enough. Why don't the game companies provide a way to sell and buy?

I hear the screams of people over "cheating" becasue of purchased items and money etc.

But, I've noticed that the real problems come from the people who "farm" and sell for cash. I digress from the point.

My point is that the people who appear to gain the most status and power in the game do so with real life money.

I mean, for example Furor and that whole league of extreme guild first timers of content appear to be able to do so due to the fact that they are the children of the independently wealthy and do not have to work a job, or take care of anyone other than their virtual children in game.

They have multiple accounts, multiple computers, and broadband connections and blatantly spend copious amounts of time marketing their play styles on websites.

Why shouldn’t someone who works for his or her money be able to convert that money to in game fun? Other people obviously are able to do so, just in less direct ways.


Great merciful god D-One, we finally agree on something.

If a game is designed from the ground up with the "player can buy & sell game assets" concept (like Achaea is) then im very much in agreement with you.


This issue comes up because all the kids have to share the same sandpit. Players, software houses, distributers, license holders etc, all have different ideas on the secondary market. There are a zillion articles out there on how to close the secondary market almost completly through game design or to go it's opposite.

We could let the market decide, next big MMO around have some of your severs setup with an 'Entertainment Mode' - (credit card only payment, cannot change it unless it's to the same person, limited gold trade between avatars, don't have animal monsters drop coin etc, avatars cannot run 24/7 etc).

Then have another server with legal avatar transfers between parties and the ingame ability to buy items or avatars with Paypal or credit card.

Be interesting to see the subscription results.


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