February 24, 2005



What? Are you all retarded?

They say that anything coming down will be coming down in discrete patches.... and you interpret this to mean that you're not getting any of this shit until your next birthday.

When you turn 14, I'd imagine.

Jesus Christ. IHBT?


Excuse me Mr Sunshine, but I've gotta ask - who the fuck are you referring to?

I'm not sure if you noticed in your jump to conclusions, but nowhere did I write that I personally misread that page as something other than what it is.

As for the 3 month call I personally made (and the only opinion I gave), judging by the amount of time needed to test these significant gameplay additions, and judging by the progress Blizzard has made over the previous 3 months, I'd say it's a pretty reasonable bet.

See you at Junior High on Monday!

World Of Worldyquest

Whether or not people are capable of reading paragraph headers is not the issue. It's your whining, babycakes.

I'm putting on my swami turban to let you know what's up with the future. First off, face it, you've already extracted 90% of the actual fun you'll ever have with WoW.

From here on out, 90% of the "fun" you'll have will be complaining about it. And every time client patch 1.04.54 comes out and doesn't gloriously transport you an entirely new gameplay experience that rocks the industry, you'll feel so much smarter than those 600 clueless morons who created every scrap of the world you currently spend half of your waking hours in.

Battlegrounds will be a hideous lagfest with balance issues out the ass, and everyone will be done with it in two weeks, no matter how much work they put into it

There will be 8 new dungeons by 2007, and you'll bitch endlessly about the boredom as you sail through the most difficult one, no matter how much purple shit oozes out of every Angry Avian Asscrack Elite.

In fact, look at the entire advertised WOW slate for the next year: Level cap increase, more dungeons, and high-level group PVP.

If Battlegrounds doesn't work, where work is defined as adding a truly compelling PVP-based endgame to WOW, that's it. This game is over. And you're not going to hang around for a year when your third alt hits 60.

Take a valium, dust off your primary in July to check out Battlegrounds, and see if you can have a little more fun then. Until then, try to figure out what you really WANT from this game. Your sewer bill costs more than World of Warcraft does.

Oh, and congratulations on Comments(3). /kiss

-- ur c1assmat3


What's exactly your point, kiddo?

You sound even more pissed up than the sum of the whole blogosphere and I guess Cosmik's aim is to report what happen, whatever happens, with his own style.

For all I know he could have also never touched the game in the first place. I do not think he's debating how long his subscription will last. Nor he is in despair for this "news".

Maybe you clicked a wrong link.


I guess you missed the bit where I said I gave no opinion. I know it's kinda hard to miss, being the whole point of the post and all.

For someone who has a problem with whining, you do the biggest amount of whining I've ever seen.

World of Whale Licorice

You're my only daily stop for MMO news. And to find out all the brittle hyperbolic sard-irony isn't just an act? Woah.

I think I won the Internet.

Rock on with your bad Asperger's-esque self. *HUGZ* ^_^


Dragons of Norrath roxors and stuff...

I'm lieing of course, DoN is the epitome of mudflation, for example, + 14 to all stats auguments. Yes, *all stats*, after completing just 4 level 70 DoN missions (about 4 hours). It gets better, there's a level 70 exp zone that is exp bonused ~220% higher than any other zone they’ve put in the game before. You can grind out 10 AAs in an hour now.

Please, for the love of Gawd someone come play EQ with me, before even I get bored with it.


"And to find out all the brittle hyperbolic sard-irony isn't just an act?"

You know, I'm still not sure what it is about "gave no opinion" that's hard to understand. That usually means "no opinion" one way or the other. And I'm unclear as to why orange-red rocks (http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=sard) need to be involved, but ok, sure.

Does this mean I'm a real blogger now? I've got my first hatemail and all.


Your first hatemail! Congrulations!

Yeah, you're a real blogger now. Keep up the good work!


You're a real blogger after they hunt you down and you keep blogging.

They will find out where you live, what your phone number is, if you're married, how many children you have and their names... They will call you. They will threaten your family. Sometimes the people responsible for this behavior will go on to be successful and proclaim to be holier than thou. (I could name a name.)

And if you're really lucky, there will be a site more popular than yours cheering them on and giving them forum space to plan their next "funny ha ha".

No, it starts out like this but if "it becomes a badge of honor to harrass you" these idiots, they can be a real problem.

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