March 15, 2005



As a long time player and fan of MMORPGs and a deep hater of FoH... Frankly, any dev that cares about the opinion of spoiled rich kids who think just because they have multiboxed and sat at a computer for hours on end is equal to the effor tof people who have designed games is foolish at best.

Over the long run there's little doubt that the relationship between SOE and guilds like FoH, Afterlife, etc were bad for the game. The relationship lead to a game that was designed around people with literally ridiculous amounts of free time *AND* ridiculous access to other player characters via multiboxing... There are some obviously unrealistic demands on players in EQ and as EQs population declines, those unrealistic demands are going to force an even faster decline in population. /shrug


Gohs I don't know what people hate Foh? Quote "The only thing that kept that ship afloat was FoH and guilds like FoH. If not for them, EQ and I dare say the entire genre, would not be where it is today.".

If not for multiboxing nolife rich kids I, I, I, might not be able to log ten hours a month on EQ? I think not. These bandwidth soaking pieces of shit don;t have a fucking clue abuot what makes a game money and what doesn't. I just thank Gawd I cut my teath on online gaming in Air Warrior back in the days of DoS... I know what a fucking game needs to be successful and it is a friendly community and a Dev staff that listens to every one and ignores everyone at the same time.

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