April 26, 2005



But Raph is a Dev and design GAWD! I mean give that guy a brand like Star Wars and LOOK OUT! Why we're talking MASSIVE FUN! Millions and millions of customers over night! Wait. That's not what...

(Then came along a game called Worlds of WarCraft and Lucas Arts and the rest of the gaming world found out what could have been.)


Combat Upgrade just destryed a great game. Animations are poor, melee moves that were so close to real, very cool, are a big joke now, jedi lost their best moves too. Sony said this CU would diversify professions, but now 50% of the combat professions are Bounty Hunters. Ppl just can't grind alone anymore, groups are good and fun but when u want to, not because u depend completely on it to play any time either u want or not. Not to mention new jedis grind, how to grind in group if u will get vis and cant defend yourself agains BHs? Many friends of mine are canceling accounts and i will too probably unless there are sme major changes in the game. Not to mention all our work building a template, time, money, i didnt bought this game did u?


Apparently SoE is continuing its policy of delete-and-ban on its forums for anything that criticizes any of the still-major issues, design flaws and bugs that compose the CU, which should be more accurately be referred to as SWG2, Ever-WoW Beta. And according to some who have continued to patronize SoE games and use their forums, this delete-and-ban policy has become a cross-forum thing. So those who post in an EQ forum anything that has to do with SWG2 that is not complementing and celebrating a job well done on SoE's part can look forward to a forums ban and a deletion of their post.

This is consistant with my experience as a former SoE SWG customer. I say former because more than the CU itself, the way it was rushed onto live long before it was ready and SoE's CS and dev handling of customer concerns, complaints and outright distress convinced me it was time to take my money elsewhere. Had the CU been properly implemented, including sufficient closed and open beta to balance and debug it, I might have been more willing to weather the changes and attempt to adapt to the different game they were substituting to the one I'd bought.

That's something you will hear from many of the age 30+ departees from the game, which is by all accounts still bleeding customers as people give up and cease to have any delusions that SoE is listening or is going to fix any of the major issues that make the CU unplayable for many.

Otec Lightstrider

I've played this game since the beginning, and I loved it then, love it now. The CU is great!

-Locaw server

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