April 28, 2005



The overall reaction has been pretty much all over the place. I'm gonna sit this one out and see what happens.

Meanwhile, I'm going to drool over Auto Assault and Hellgate instead.


If I'm playing the game, you can as well. They just enabled the Digital Download, so you can just buy the key and start to play like I did :)

Btw, it isn't anything exciting. A decent game, modest ambition, some interesting quirks to follow.

A good companion for a "serious" mmorpg when you are too bored.


I've been playing through the Beta period - for about a year now - don't dismiss it as a lack of ambition, the mix they've compiled is very fun. Especially for a game with no monthly fee. If you enjoy the grind, paying monthly fees, and camping spawns - this game is not for you. If you want to get in, have fun, enjoy the game, and have a personal challenge of having to actually have skill (sorry, stats help, but skill is more important). Come to the dark side.



I just started playing since about half of my guild jumped over from WoW (we still do our raids but play GW between) and so far I like it. I haven't gotten to level 20 yet so I don't know how much fun the PvP aspect is, but I know you haven't really gotten to the best part until you get there so that's something to look forward to. I was totally lost at first, stuck in lower level areas until I realized I had to click "Start Mission" or whatever from certain towns to advance by completing objectives. RTFM? ;)

It's a game where you can play it as if it were "single player" hiring henchmen to party with who basically just follow you around and assist you, or you can join with other people for the MMO style play. I like that you can do either one.

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