July 24, 2005



I was going to reply on how long the wait times are on Lightbringer (79% alliance) for 31-40, but while I was writing this a situation occurred where there wasnt enough alliance to form an instance? I had been playing 5 minutes beforehand, only 6 alliance vs 10 horde (after a 2 hour wait). Very bizzare. Anyway the wait times are terrible yada yada. Maybe the current alliance pvpers are getting sick of being beaten by the same max-twinked-alt-level40-horde players that are in Warsong 24/7.

While we are wishing, is it too hard to be ported back to where you came from after finishing a round? Warsong is pretty far out of the way if I'm questing in Alterac or Stranglethorn. If there wasnt any queues, then I wouldnt need to be questing to kill the multihour wait times.

They should just go with: draw players from every realm for global-realm instances with a prematch lobby so you can set up your raid party, ignore the players you know who suck etc, then enter as a complete 10 when ready. Its so simple and ACCESSIBLE i dunno why they didnt think of that. I doubt that any 'incentives' are gonna ease the wait times.

oh yeah and at least another 10 player BG wouldnt hurt - they arnt that big so how hard could it be to implement one. oo how about a different style of play? 5 horde defending a fort from 10 alliance? 5v5 BG? 15v15 bg? Escort Mission?



I literally couldn't tell you what the inside of Alterac looks like. Warsong Gulch is constantly getting action, but long ago I read about the 'revered' rewards for Alterac and thought that as a casual gamer I might actually get a chance to wield worthwhile Epics. So I've ignored Warsong (even though my friend's list seems to always have people there) and daily I put my name into Alterac. Usually I go 4 hours without ever being notified of an opening and log off. The last couple of nights I've played I put my name in right away (putting the guy in Ironforge was actually a good move), stand around for an hour looking for a raid, get an hour into a raid and get notified of an opening (at a time I obviously couldn't accept). Theoretically, this should be a great idea for those of us who want to continue improving our characters but aren't hardcore enough to belong to a guild raiding MC regularly. Realistically, it's a complete and utter waste of resources currently.

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