January 16, 2006



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Oh, that's a shame, I thought to myself. Most MMO companies only really ever delete low level inactive characters in order to free up space, and many still offer account recovery if you are graced with a caring customer representative. Before the NGE debacle I had re-subbed to SWG briefly and my Creature Handler/Bio Engineer that had been sleeping for over a year was still there upon log in, eager to be ganked by rabid durnies once again.

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"You know, you might want to reconsider making registration keys one-time use only. I'm sure this needlessly complicated and inane business model has lost you a number of potential customers that have been looking to re-subscribe on a whim."


It is already in my favourite list and i will try to follow it when possible . Thanks for the nice posts .


It is already in my favourite list and i will try to follow it when possible . Thanks for the nice posts .


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As I think about the upcoming World Champs in Campodolcino without Danny at the helm, I become reflective. I look forward to continuing on the path that Danny helped form - one that will surely include continued growth in our sport.

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