January 16, 2006



You did yourself a favor. Any company that makes it that hard to resub doesn't deserve your money.


My brother played the heck out of that game and then took a break. Finally getting the desire to play it for another 12 months, he went back. Same thing, account deleted. He said oh well and went back to WoW - never to return to FFXI.


Same thing happened to me.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks their business plan is wacked.


Wow, I was actually going to resub for FFXI also, and BOOM, the registration codes are invalid.

Back to WoW then.


Hulariously PlayOnline still charges me a dollar a month for tetra master which I have no played two years. I haven't had any luck with a password recovered manually and I'm hoping that the online chat will at least help me log in so I can cancel my account and stop getting charged. I'm assuming that they have to have a way for me to cancel my account without having any of my information. The whole system is screwed up. Just in the interface to the games you have 2 usernames and passwords which are very forgetable and no "forgot your password?" link. Come on. This is elementary.


Well if that doesnt just suck... On a whim yesterday i installed it and wanted to play again... no PW working same as that guy.. guess i wont bother waiting for the live chat tommarow... back to wow.


Well ,I just want to say:
FUCK YOU SQUARE ENIX/ PLAYONLINE CO.! thats just the very best way to get rid of potential customers ! , there´s no way Im purchasing the game again.-


muchas gracias por los tips.. me acaban de aorrar mucho tiempo.. ya que tenia pensado chatear con los de square enix para q me den mi id y mi pasword.. pero veo que es inutil.. lol realmente solia usar muchas muchas veces esta palabra en FFXI.. ^^ lol
thaks for the tips.. all of you have just save my time.. because i thougt thath chating with some one of square enix can healp me get bak my id and pasword.. but i see that it is a waste of time.. thaks guys.. lol.. i realy use to write many many times this litle word on FFXI.. ^^ lol


Same thing happened to me, i tried to sign up with ffxi again for a birthday present for my little brother... guess what, no FFXI birthday gift for him!

Fuck you square you just lost my respect.


Yeah, this is no joke. The same happened to me. I just wanted to start playing it again for some random reason. Was trying to take a break from WoW. But ya, account deleted. Now they want me to dish out for another copy of the game, and still pay the fee? Wtf is that? That system is messed up. Even WoW leaves your account there.


Supirse supirse same thing just happened to me also, Maybe if I buy the new expansion I may get a new Playonline registration code, anyone no if this thought is correct?


Hey I'm having the same problem too, and I had the same thought as Paul above. Would getting a new PlayOnline code from the new expansion solve this issue?


"Would getting a new PlayOnline code from the new expansion solve this issue?"

It is my hope that it would. But then again, I'm not sure I could trust anyone that made this damned system to not screw people around again.

Your best bet appears to be to contact a GM. Otherwise, I believe there is a bundle of FFXI and all its expansions that is relatively cheap.


"I'm not sure I could trust anyone that made this damned system to not screw people around again."

Agreed man. Right now I'm beginning to wonder why I should bother spending more money on FFXI, not to mention the additional monthly fees.

Guild Wars seems a much more attractive option at the moment.


Same story for me. I tried Google to find a way to recover FFXI 'deleted' accounts and I came upon this discussion.

This system is totally screwed up. I have 3 Lv 60s in WoW (one which is completely epic'd out); I'm bored of Lineage 2 and I was really, really looking forward to playing FFXI again.

I talked with a representative via the Chat system on the site and the guy told me "I found your account, but it can't be renewed. You'll have to buy a new copy of the game and all of the expansions you purchased to be current." I thought it was a joke. But nope, SquareEnix ruined all chances of receiving my $13/month--as well as hundreds of other could-be customers.

GG SquareEnix.



Same story here, i cant even email Playonline cause you have to enter your POL email address and christ knows what that is... This is a joke something has to be done theyve ripped us all off!


You guys are hilarious. Here is the solution. Call em up. have your mailing address. name on your account. registration code. first 4 and last four digits of your credit card number. and Pol ID and have them do a character retrieval. and Tada! your old character is back. takes a few days though. but but then totally restarting. granite some of your guys's problems cant be solved like this. if you forgot your password you just need your id. and vise versa. if you lost your registration codes. point and laugh


Not true, after so long they delete your character and information. The only solution is to buy the game again. On the pc they have a welcome back to vanadiel package that includes all expansions except the newest release, it has all the codes and stuff, and a month free. It costs $30. I figured with the free month and the expansion I didnt have before I could justify the money.


this is soooooo fucked up, i wanted to play ffxi over summer again and wow...have to buy the game again >.< but im figurin the monthly subsription is £9 and the game with all the expansions and a free 30 days at £10 from play.com aint a bad way to go to play the game i love ^^


i had this problem, and have also just had to buy another copy of the full game.
play.com is by far the cheapest place to buy guys!


i knew something like that was going to happen so i bought 2 copies of the game just in case.


Ick, same thing about the registration codes. Spent all that time installing, was all excited to start playing with my brother again, and BOOM. Invalid. Good thing i still have WoW ^_^


can anyone please tell me how to contact playonline within the uk !!! please thanks.


Hi guys I cancelled playing the game cause i lost my job finally got a new job and know I cant reinstall playonline the code I have comes up error is that the problem you are having?


Same thing happened to me jsut now! Anyone know where I can get a keygen lol!?

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