January 16, 2006



Same thing here..lol.. square enix apparently is just worthless. Wow here I come..lol..


Wow. You are seriously all fucking retarded. To make a new character, all you have to do is go to the FFXI title page in the PlayOnline Viewer, then click Content ID. All you need to fucking do, is click New Content ID and use your old Final Fantasy XI registration code.

Ive had this happen to my brother twice, and he did the same thing both times, have to start over. Your all just fucked up retards who dont know jack shit and always assume you know what your doing before actually doing research.


mDawG, that only applies to the FFXI content ID. You can't even GET to that screen without a Playonline ID. And THAT is what the problem is. Those are being deleted from not being used often enough, they aren't providing any way to restore them, and you can't get a new one without buying another copy of FFXI


Hey mDawg, you dick head, it's getting to the page that lets you select the new content ID that's the problem.


I was just trying to re-subscribe myself. I had deactivated my account because at the time I was also playing City of Heroes and Everquest 2 and it seemed a waste to keep throwing money at Square Enix when I wasn't using it that often. I do rememeber they gave me this 3 month period in which to re-activate, but I thought that was so I wouldn't lose my character info. I promised myself I would log in in three months and re-activate and then de-activate until I was ready to play again, but of course as happens when you get busy I totally blew it off. Now I was finally ready to play again, and of course it wouldn't take my old login info.. which I fully expected, but imagine my surprise when I also couldn't get my key to work to make a new account! I searched the help files over at the playonline site only to discover that indeead that three month period was not just for my characters, but for my whole account. So yeah this upwards of $40 game my husband bought for me as a nice surprise is now basically a set of 5 coasters with Final Fantasy printed on the fronts!!! I have played CoH, CoV, EQ, EQ2, SWG, AO, and Second Life and did not have this problem with any of them. I usually love regular Square games but this totally pissed me off! And really all they are encouraging people to do is pirate codes and/or code break software so we don't have to keep shelling out cash every-time we decide we want to play again when they would easily make more money by making the code usable more than once so they can get our monthly service fees and or at the very least make a way to purchase a new code that does not entail purchasing a whole new set of cds (which is a waste of resources, esp. the box. Some tree has to die everytime you have to print another copy you greedy bastards! I think they've got themselves confused with Shin-ra inc. or something, and let us not forget what happened to them!)


Yeah, how can Square not realise how much their PlayOnline business model is driving away potential AND existing customers, especially when more attractive options exist in games like WoW and GW.

That said though, I'm curious to see how well the upcoming FFXI Vanadiel Collection sells.

And mDaWg you little fucktard, why don't you learn how to read properly before posting all that crap thinking you're so damn smart.


Well i dunno if this happened to u guys but..
when i went to log on ff11 from a 3 day break my pass didnt work so i fort i could deleted the account and start fresh to my suppirise the reg code wasnt valid!!! now ive spent like £40 on the game and expansion pack and only got to level 7 on the actual game!! Suck dun it -.- can any1 of u smart computer guys help me out ^^ lol??

Chuck Scheller

This happened to me as well, but it was worse, because I never even got to play the game. I had to wait a few months to get money for a new graphics card to play it, then whaddya know, my account deleted and I don't have money to buy another one.


Well, all you have to do is just log into POL like once a month... it's free and only takes a few seconds. Keeps your POL account active. Not sure if you charactor gets deleted, but I've always heard thats what you do to "float" your account for a while.


Not sure if this was answered above but i had a char that i would like back and was deleted about 4 months ago but i have a another char that was a mule i used to play its on same account ect thing that i used to play the first one that i deleted how would i go about getting the first charif cant find registration papers is the registration numbers anywhere i can find if on my same one used to play first or can i just call them and say can i get my char back and wont need numbers since on the same account im on atm


I'm having a different problem. I haven't played the game in nearly a year, yet i am still getting charged nearly AUS$20 a month. I can't log in to cancel the account because i don't remember my log in details and i can't for the live of me find anything anywhere that that can help me find them. So until i find thhe answer square enix are taking my money every month. Why has my account not been deleted due to inactivity?


Hmm, that's interesting.. I've heard of this big problem recently and I just didn't take it too heavily, as I quit playing XI as soon as I finished the RotZ expansion, uninstalled and everything. I just cancelled, and figured that they'd delete my account info eventually anyway. However, I had a friend who said that their account was deleted within six months, although he only had about twenty hours in-game time under his belt.

And Tricks, for your case it might just be a regional thing. It sounds like you could just email or call Squenix/POL Account Services and tell them to stop charging and cancel your account, but I don't know how charging in Aus works. Or, depending on how you're paying, you could just cut them off... (What I did for TM ^^) Or, if it hasn't been a full year they probably won't yet, in most cases they don't until a full 52 weeks. So you could just wait it out!


They are really sick and twisted aren't they. They did same thing to me because I was only on for about 2 or 3 hrs a week!!! God sake, they think that we don't have lives away from FFXI!!!


Interesting you say that, because before you log into the game they tell you not to forget about your job, school, and social life.


Bought the game one year ago. Never played.
Paid something like 76 Euros.
Did use my credit card. Paid something like 40 GBP and than cancelled.
Tried today to intsall the game and ... have to buy it again...
Honestly this company should be investigated.


PlayOnline and Square Enix are bad companies to do business with. These crooks robbed me as well. They tell me I need to purchase FFXI all over again to get a PlayOnline Registration Code. I will NEVER purchase any of their games ever again and I urge others to not buy into their crooked practice either.


i dont know me id password


I can't canncel my account because I don't have a my playonline password. I'm going to go to my bank and tell them to not to charge my account.


Yay, i guess i will just try the new WoW BC expansion instead of wasting money on this game again...lol uber gayness companies FTW!

D Red

you guys are having a hard time with final fantasy huh
this is the worse final fantasy ever this wasnt a smart idea at all if you are gonna make it for x box 360 at least make it you can use you x box live account not no friggin playonline stupidness and you gotta pay money monthly? what kind of S*** is that man common now next time make it able to even make it past the damn registration embarrasing
but ne ways how do i use a debit card instead of a credit card


i thought that i would read up on this before i re-subed...i knew that my content ID was gone but i also thought my Account would have been deleted...i put in my FFXI disk, chose to install POL only, logged in using all the details i wrote down inside my game case...IT WORKED?!? i read the bottom of the POL viewer and it said "LAST LOGGED IN 01/02/2006, which as i remember was the day i quit(*)
so its been over a year and my account is still there, hmm, now my friend was taking a break from the game for 3 months and he got his account deleted, WTF is wrong with that...so i just gave him my account...SHHH

(*) computer caught fire,LOL?


lol wow this is actually quite worrying. Ive just forgot my playonline Id and password but know my other username and password. ive got all the reg info for the game and pol and also got my bank details too. so im going to fone them up on monday, u reckon thats all the info i need to recover my POL ID and pass?

Final Fantasy 11 Cheats

there will never be a final fantasy!


I was there on opening day for the PC release of FFXI and spend a shitload of time on my toon. I left for 3 months and durring that time I had a credit card malfunction. Square Fuckix NEVER contacted me or let me know in any form or fashion that there was a problem. Why the hell do they ask for so much information if they do not even bother to use it. While away I thought everything was fine, I came back to that nasty Alarm noise that says, this account has been disabled etc. I don't think I have ever been as vicious as I was on the phone when someone in a call cetner somewhere in the vicinity of Bangledesh is trying to tell me that 6 months of hard work are all gone, and that I need to purchase the game again to play.

Well guess what I did? Yup, went out and purchased it again. Actually I have purchased FFXI 3 times, CoP Expansion 2 times and an All in one package just recently.

I have TONS of FFXI cd lying around.

First off: Write your PoL ID and Password on the back of your manual right next to your PoL ID.

Second: This shit company will NOT allow you to recover your password by any means OTHER than by Phone. This process is one of the most painful experiences you will EVER encounter while on the phone. You need:
Your PoL and FFXI Registration key. (Expansions don't count)
Your Home Address
Phone number
and Credit card information.
You also need to faintly understand Hindi.

My second account was "Lost" when I had accidently typod my street address. I had EVERYTHING else that they needed but was wrong about the number of my own fucking street. How could I know the street , zip code and city and telephone number, but not my own fucking address?

Anyhow... This company makes it impossible to recover your information which is required to even terminate subscription fees.

I urge all of you to contact the BBB even on its web page (BBB.org) and submit a complaint.

Square Enix if you are reading this feel free to contact me at [email protected] if yuo would like to discuss reactivating my account. I will then condier writing postive things about your company all the web.


Johan Svahn

haha, well me and my gf just installed XI, again.. and guess what, it didnt work so I've ordered two more copies of the game, that makes it a total of 5 FFXI boxes in our flat. It sucks, but you have to love the game ;D

1. you should be able to alt-tab and/or run it in windowed mode

2. playonline should be fixed and square should look into the book of customer-relations, lol

3. Thanks for a great blog man :)

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