January 16, 2006



Fuck yeah same here bro's I tried to re register and bam the registration code is invalid fuck this I am going back to WoW and uninstalling this pain in the ass game.


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I agree that this is total bullshit, just had the same problem myself.

however I wouldn't blame square because it's the enix part of square enix that is in control of this side of the game. that's the whole reason squaresoft because squeenix because they couldn't handle these parts themselves but I think enix proved to fuckasses at it too.

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Why not just ask them? All the best to your final Term!


Nice, I will be back many times.


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Meh I have been trying all morning to find a playonline registration code keygen, still no luck. Im really craving to get back on it but, im not sure if its worth buying another copy to start a whole new account and loosing my 73 RDM


lawl... yeah i was having this problem too... although i logged on it like 7 months ago... but meh, i just opened a book for the xbox ultimate edition... and herro free key... only had a lvl 9 anywho... i guess ill make a new account

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have also just had to buy another copy of the full game.
play.com is by far the cheapest place to buy guys!

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It's sure to be one of those. However and dramatically, regardless of how many variations of capital letters and key smashing I tried, my PlayOnline ID would not accept a PlayOnline password. Determined not to be defeated by the recall capacity of my own cerebrum, I hit the FFXI website in order to search for knowledge in a database, a knowledge database if you will.

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then waited like a 7-year old listening for the lunch bell. After a pause between my comments that made me question whether this TSR was actually trying to talk to several poor fools like myself at the same time I eventually was presented with a reply, and at best, closure.

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