January 16, 2006



The GMs will be kicking the lowlevels that try to show up to the Gates (per the realm forum). People are stupid, since their own gates will be opening in a few weeks...


Thanks for adding the links. You straightened up!


I'll surely check it out!




Be little more tolerant :)


Stay cool!


Hope it works out for you.


This is fantastic!


Nice to meet you!


It’s got to be fun!


let go to blogging :)


All the best to your final Term!

My page

No idea.


It is already in my favourite list and i will try to follow it when possible . Thanks for the nice posts .


Yeah that's what I'm tanklig about baby--nice work!


Achievement presents the only genuine delight in life


Thank you for sharing your stuff on blog. It is doubtless that we have similar interests. Something are very helpful to me.


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The alternative would be spelling everything out as well as do we requirement that? I may get throughout trouble in some unspecified time in the future, but my policy (and that doesn't need to be published I think) happens to be according to let people comment how they see match until a complete certain point after which they are simple gone.

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