February 08, 2006



SWG sucks. The game has some seriously bad design problems. Worst PVP and PVE designs ever.


DAoC should be at around 30k online at the sametime on Sunday, worldwide.

Compared to the 23k records of Eve.

In general there's a 8-10k of difference between the two.

DAoC is suppposed to have above 150k and below 200k total subs worldwide (but probably closer to the first). So it could make sense. Roughly.

I've read those numbers on SWG on f13 but I'm still doubtful about them. Even if I wouldn't be all that surprised.

I would be MUCH more curious about EQ Classic numbers.


My EQ1 raiding guild is still going strong. I haven't played since 2002, but they're top tier on their server and have outlasted all our spin-off guilds in other games (WoW and EQ2 included).


Regardless of the influx and immediate egress of 10 day trial'ers those of us who were around pre-CU and pre-NGE know how much danger the game is in.

I dont have the hard numbers but just from wandering around the game during primetime and off-prime hours you can see the difference its that drastic.

With every major overhaul to a game that mearly needed tweaking and the systematic removal of the few unique and interesting things the game had to offer I can say for certain that it has gone from a thriving game that suffered only from some severe balance issues to one that is being held together with chewing gum and hope due to poorly and cheaply done redesigns on top of an already unstable core.

Unfortunately at this point the damage is permanent.

Even if they were to improve the game to be the best one ever made only those people who have never heard of SWG would play it.

The game's and SOEs reputation is destroyed for the hundred thousand subsribers they had and their friends as well as anyone whos heard about this disaster.

I know I and my friends have all vowed to never play another SOE game again.

Its the same vow I hear repeated often all across the internet whenever someone mentions SOE and the NGE.

This does not bode well for Sony (even if it wasnt their fault).

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