March 11, 2006



Bull droppings.

I myself never have created an avatar to my own ‘attributes’. Except may tiger woods golf 2005, but even then my look alike had better facial hair then I could ever want.

I play chicks primarily in MMOG’s, I’d like to say its because of free stuff, people taking better care of me, but lets be honest, the day a dude could get away with playing a chick died with daoc, now, I just do it because I, myself like it. Sure I should probably walk out in drag, but that’s a pain, expensive, and well, humiliating. In games I play a chick.

Sometimes I even play a male. Half the time I play them is because they are small, now unlike freuid whp will suggest I have a small penis, I play them because they just have better stats.

If I want to differentiate myself, it won’t be via physical attributes but rather via personality. A good mate of mine made a very good-looking atrox walk around in a thong yelling I AM SUPREME (his name was supreme).

I replicated this with a dwarf in WoW yelling I AM AXYS! And it worked, not because I was pint size, or even a decant player, people over a period of months got to know my gimmick and respond to it. I’d just have to log in or mention LFG and there would be a series of I AM AXIS, NO I AM AXIS, who’s Axys? I AM AXYS. Hell at one point I had level ones running around my mid-high level area with variations of the name axys yelling I AM .

I’ll go one step further; I have an awesome mate, probably one of my better mates in games who is a quad, restrained to a wheelchair. Does he play a cripple? A small person? Nah, he’s a fully bonified paladin or very mobile rogue.

People will always make their toon look like they want to be, sometimes it’s what they are, sometimes its their sexual fantasy… (all my female toons have red hair, I have the hots for red) and other time what that would like to be. And then even others, it’s just the min/max of stats that work to make a competitive toon.

PvP server folk will possibly favor the min max, just see the amount or warrior dorfs or rogue gnome’s vs. other classes.

RP servers might be different, but often completely opposite to what they are or what they would play on a normal server.

A fuck it

Signed a 28 year old balding male who plays a 20 year old red head chick named Vree in ever game since UO.

Players will use their avatar to fulfill their want, min/max or a physical want. Being until will be their emotes, their way of dying armor, the way they speak.

Byron Ellacott

My Second Life avatar looks a fair bit like me; as close as I could get it to look before getting bored with tweaking.

My WoW avatar, of course, does not. WoW avatars do not typically stand out from each other; while some high end items earn recognition and kudos for a while, it's a Monty Haul game, and a few months later you're upgrading again, or the item has become more common, and you've lost your distinction.

So, my character, being a Hunter, has a very unique pet. I've had the pet since level 20, way back when, and have absolutely no intentions of giving up the pet. It's a pink flamingo named Floyd, and is rapidly becoming the unofficial guild mascot.

It's not unique because it's awesome, it's unique because it's a low level rare spawn with slightly subpar stats. Minmax players don't want it: it's not the best. More casual players don't have it: it's a rare spawn that they probably never saw. But it makes my character stand out like nothing else. I get plenty of reactions to my pet, from people realising why I called him Floyd to outright laughter.

Aesthetic distinction is a very important customization feature.


When I began playing SWG (my 1st mmo) I made a male human. I don’t recall trying to make it look like me, just did some basic tweaking on the sliders to make it so it didn’t look grotesque. Over time I gravitated toward the medic and doctor professions, but decided I didn’t like being a human all that much, so when a group of friends decided to form a guild and needed a doctor and entertainer, I looked at that as a chance to re-roll. I went with the Zabrak race for the mind bonuses that help the docs, and because I still wanted a mostly human-looking avatar. Since I planned for it to be a dancer, I made it a female, figuring it would get watched more and get better xp as a result. That was my sole reason for making it female instead of male.

Over time playing it, I found it was kinda fun to fill that role, but then my ex “stole” the character. I got a 2nd account and made another character – male again, but still Zabrak. I wasn’t gonna be a dancer with it, so I made it more closely reflect me. Personal issues soon led to character deletion and cancellation of the account, but it didn’t last long, and soon I was back. . . again with a male, this time the “fish race” – Mon Cal. The appearance of the toon didn’t really matter to me. I mostly just played with my IRL friends, and they knew who I was anyway, so what difference did the toon make?

I did eventually re-open the 2nd account to assist my “main.” This time I went human again for the ability to migrate stats overall to the greatest degree. And I made it female to make it incongruous. This was still pretty early in the game’s life, so most female toons were entertainers of some sort, so the martial artist/ranger I planned to make seemed “unique” at the time. And yes, I surprised a lot of people in duels when that option opened up later on. Taking out rancor beasts unarmored and solo surprised people as they ran by too. That was kinda fun.

I’ve moved on and play EQ2 now. I have 9 characters in total, and mostly focus on 2 of them. Of those 9 toons, 6 are female, 3 are male. Even with that, I mostly chose the characters for the race/class combo, and then chose the gender of the toon to go along with what seemed “right” for the concept. I have some characters that “buck the trend” and I have some that are right down in-line with the stereotype. It all depended on the character concept I wanted to try and my mood at the time of creation. I think that I mostly tried for uniqueness in race/class combo, though, not necessarily in appearance.

Though now that all that is “set in stone” as it were, appearance from armor and weapons is a relatively high priority. . . . .


People like those who look like them.

People like those who act like them.

In real life these are my two biggest reason to dislike a person. If they one rememind me of me and two act or look similar to me.


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