April 25, 2006


Byron Ellacott

1.10 set quests involve gathering 25 [Ogre Warbeads] from DM or LBRS ogres. You can solo farm the crap outside. I'm up to 180 kills, and 13 drops. You'll probably see a lot of people "in" Dire Maul for some time to come.


Yes, an increase of people in Dire Maul would be one difference.

There is still one more to be found.


they're all out boar hunting for some level 6 charge pet!

Mr. Gearhead

I think he means that the farmers seem to be gone.

Luke Jones

No. He' commenting on the fact that when "Dire" is typed 20 people are found.

But when "Dire Maul" is typed 29 people show up.

Why are 9 people not showing up on "Dire"? I dont know. But I've noticed stuff like this before as well.

Luke Jones

I retract that...after studying the images Im even more confused. :(


cosmik, you have some real bright sparks as readers...

Byron Ellacott

Well, the obvious difference is that all the cheaty hacky farmers now have an ability to disguise their class.

That or the hunter farming bug was, in fact, fixed, and people are now in Dire Maul for other reasons. Crazy talk.


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