April 19, 2006



From what I hear, Furor was arguing semantics with this Xi fellow. Furor's position was that the encounter couldn't be called "broken", since most of C'thun's abilities do in fact work properly- they're just too powerful. Xi maintained that there was little functional difference.

Here's more of the IRC chat that was apparently logged:

(Furor) broken is not the same as too hard, that's all I'm putting up here
(Furor) they really are two very different things
(Wodin) That's perfectly reasonable
(Furor) If the encounter is unreasonable, that's a whole nother argument
(Wodin) and we've never debated that the encounter is broken mechanicswise
(Furor) back inthe day, we'd lay it out for the devs
(Zarcath) even if they retuned it and DnT couldn't beat it where would you go from there?
(Furor) Your encounter sucks, here's why
(Furor) etc...
(Zarcath) keep retuning until DnT can kill it and they A-OK the encounter?
(Wodin) umm, I'm in EJ, not DnT
(DnT-XI) i'd say we need to learn2fucking play
(Furor) thats when the encounters were too hard, but that was really a rarity in EQ for the most part
(Wodin) If it's in a killable state and we can't, then it's learn2play time
(Lenthan) you guys need a batphone and suggestions on parts that are overly difficult
(Furor) they were always/mostly one of two things
(Furor) broken or too easy
(Zarcath) I don't know but all I got from your post was bitching and moaning, you took someone elses rant and applied it to something you don't even have a basis of comparisson for
(Furor) broken always got the big FU
*** Joins: Gary ([email protected])
(DnT-XI) what's the difference between broken and too hard
(DnT-XI) if you can't beat it
(DnT-XI) does it matter which it is?
(Furor) the difference is that you can attempt it
(Furor) I wont argue whats WORSE
(Furor) not the point
(Furor) Im just saying, when they tout a raid zone
(Lenthan) He's telling you what to do Xi
(Furor) and then you find that it doesnt even exist
(Furor) thats broken
*** Joins: Thalamar ([email protected])
(Wodin) basically
(Lenthan) figure out what makes the encounter impossible, and talk to the devs about tuning those parts
(Wodin) we did
*** Joins: Fare ([email protected])
(DnT-XI) exactly
(Furor) and its appreciated
(DnT-XI) we did
(Furor) believe me


Furor is as big an ass now as ever. I like how he has acually become Absor... heh.

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C'thun's abilities do in fact work properly- they're just too powerful. Xi maintained that there was little functional difference.

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