April 24, 2006


McQuaid's Meth Habit



When I joined WoW's beta in March it was already so polished and fun that I seriously thought it was going to be released in June.

This to give a measure of the gap.


Admittedly, my wife has been playing a lot of Guild Wars lately, but Vanguard's graphics don't even look like they can hold a candle to GW. That first Vanguard screenshot honestly made think I was looking at EQ again.


It's great to see links to the best hate threads. Wading through all the "more jaded than thou" posers gets old fast so I miss the good hate. Add an amazon donations button and I will send you an entire dollar to show my love of hate.

Rand 'al Thor

Has ther been ANY good things to come out of their Beta (errrr alpha) lately?

All I have to say is this is what happens when you decide that EQ was he best thing on the planet ever...and failing to grasp that while EQ was arguably the best of less than stellar bunch, it still had a host of fundamental flaws. Yet trying to model your game after it.

Oh and the question at the top still stands. I really have not seen anything that could be termed as good news to come out of the beta so if there is any someone point me the way.

Brent Michael Krupp

I saw the beta on a friend's fairly high end machine and it pretty much looked like DAoC. Early DAoc, not recent reskinned DAoC.

Yeah, the poly counts were higher but the "art direction" was so uninspired and the scenery so dishwater dull that the fancier engine didn't help. It looked like DAoC.


DAOC at least had a style. Dirty, realistic, and less than super-heroic. At the same time, EQ had . . . well, you remember.


At the time, DAOC was an improvement! However, I wasn't impressed with EQ2s textures at release, and was even less impressed with what I saw coming out of Sigil in screenshots.


Humorous except I'd be careful about reposting copyrighted pictures to a new blog just for you own safety.

Even what Heartless did was basically against the law when he took it upon himself to repost comments from his blog and copy it into a headline that caused massive disruption, without first obtaining permission from the author.

Unless you get permission to repost, use a link. DO NOT USE the original material or it's going to make you personally liable if the shit hits the fan.

Just an friendly FYI to cover yourself in the future.


Most people can figure out by now that Heartless reposted it for one reason, Drionic: to get himself some publicity.

Now he's running around posting how he expects Sog to explain themselves to HIM in a private sit-down he'll reveal via Grimwell.com.

If Sigil does that, they're stupid as hell. I wouldn't give that guy anymore attention since he didn't use any ethical care in reposting that article to the WORLD.

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