May 19, 2006



D&D is a PvE game, why cant they focus on making that the best they can rather than tacking on PvP which makes no sense in the current game??

Middle Earth was all about PvP/RvR, why did anyone even consider a PvE world for the setting??

rob mc

inre: the MMO for your phone idea

Does anyone else remember Pocket Kingdom for the--well, first perhaps I should ask "does anyone else remember the N-Gage?" But I always liked the idea of killing free time by pulling out my cell phone, while waiting for the bus let's say, and being able to have a little fun in a persistent online world. Pocket Kingdoms really impressed me, and I was almost sold on the idea until I browsed some message boards on the internet and discovered that I would be playing mostly with aliterate twelve year-olds.

Since then I've purchased a Nintendo DS, a handheld that took that concept and ran with it. The platform has a few very quality games that you can pick up, play online for five minutes, and then put down again. The key difficulty as I see it, at least for my fellows in that prized demographic of young males aged 18-40, is that you cannot do this in public and be still taken seriously by your colleagues, neighbors or anyone else for that matter.

Play pinball or poker on your mobile, on the other hand, and you'll attract nary a glance from passers-by. So I would imagine that there would be some interest in making cell phone MMO gaming a reality.


I'd rather use my cell phone as a portal to an existing MMO. So I can do inventory management, chat in game, browse auction houses, etc, then go home and raid on my gaming rig.

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