December 11, 2006



How do I watch TV? Not live, I can’t stand colremicams. We have a Foxtel iQ and a dual tuner DVD/HDD recorder and we almost always have shows saved up. Occasionally if we want to watch a show as soon as possible, we will wait for 20 -30 minutes after it starts before we start watching so we don’t catch up before the final ad break. Even with Brisbane Roar soccer games, I will start 15 minutes late to skip half-time. Last week, it almost seemed like we’d have to watch something live because we were already taping four things at 8.30 on Thursday, but I decided to tape the repeat of True Blood at midday on Friday instead of its first airing. That’s what’s good about cable channels repeating things. I rarely use iView or the others – I don’t have the patience to watch things on my computer, which is in a different room from the TV. I will only use it if I discover too late that a show is on and I’ve missed some episodes, for example I’d never even heard of Party Down when ABC2 started showing it so I missed the first three episodes and got to catch up on some of them. Or when Go! messes about with the starting time of Fringe and my recording missed most of the episode (I used to tape the late night repeat). One thing I do that I haven’t heard mentioned by you or your commenters is that I often watch shows at 1.3x speed, which is something my HDD recorder can do. And if the show is taped on my iQ, I will actually copy it onto the HDD so I can watch it fast. I realise this means I lose some nuances, but it also means I can watch a 1 hour commercial drama in 30 minutes; which is useful when there is only a short window before my wife decides she wants control of the remote control again. When I watch TV, I mostly do nothing but watch TV. I find I miss too much if I’m fiddling about on my phone at the same time. A final aside – even in the era of disc recording, I still refer to what I do as “taping” a show – what verbs do other people use?James

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