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January 07, 2007


Adele Caelia

LOL, I almost spit out my soda at the Penis comment! I dl that game once, thinking it was like a cooler version of sims, and boy was I suprised after going in a club where I found everone naked and doing naughty things to each other. Then I saw some weird metal contraption that I clicked on out of curiosity, which then regretted as I found myself spread eagle and tied down naked to the thing! What was worse, I couldn't get off the thing! I promptly removed the game from my computer... Freaky people in there.


I think the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is going to be released on Jan 30'07. Already the BC expansion World of Warcraft Guides and News are released on Jan 16 '07.


So, see you in June I guess? ;)


Anshe: less QQ, more pew pew. If I had a nickel for every time I've been griefed in a game, I'd have $30. I think this is just a case of someone's head becoming too big for their shoulders. Anshe thinks that she's developed celebrity status from her accomplishments in SL, and that she can quell naysayers using the law. Who knows, if her penis story becomes too public, Hillary Clinton might launch a campaign demanding an Rated-M label placed on SL.


An Corp! Kal Vas Xen Cosmik!

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