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February 22, 2008



Yeah, someone in Shanghai mentioned that before. I suspect it's due to some mocking political posts that got picked up by the Great Firewall.


Care to transcribe your recent posts into this comment thread? With one word per comment box and encrypted if possible, so I don't get a loud knock on the door tonight.



What the hell am I thinking.


Is bloglines blocked by the Great Firewall? That may be the way to go if not.


Ahh, Bloglines. I knew I left it lying around here somewhere...

I'll be sure to bring you back a plush Mao doll.

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It's up according to us to teach our readers and also everyone on what happens to be appropriate and also not, as well as offer policies.

I haven't had your own chance to check out all your HoneyPot. What I seriously desire is a flushing sound or explosion sound when I blow spammers out of my comment queue.

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