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April 27, 2010



The preparation Viagra developed for men and men, has really quickly entered the market. And under forecasts, this preparation certainly, will be claimed as well by women. There is a question - why? The main reason is hidden, but to allocate it it is possible.
In our progressive century of the woman aspire to be in the lead not less men, therefore interest to all new and progressive grows in women by leaps and bounds. This interest and activly provokes a fine half of mankind to development almost all expensive and hi-tech "toys", which men think out for themselves "favourite", instead of for women. It concerns also medical sphere. The sums invested in projects on the decision of "man's" problems, such as a baldness, erectile dysfunction - are capable to impress any person. While for last decades all medical science hasn't made any step for a victory over such widespread problem, as a premenstrual syndrome. As it is known, to it ladies that is why a strong half of mankind which has grasped all "dominating heights" in a science and фарминдустрии, all somehow "lack of time" to prosecute this subjects closely suffer only. Well as here it will not be insulting! And here still men have started to dismiss hearings about miracle properties of a new preparation http://www.par-set.ru/ - Viagra, attributing it directly fantastic effects. And for the modern woman - it already directly таки a call. Therefore thousand women have essentially gone behind http://www.par-set.ru/ - Viagra prescriptions... Where? How you think?... Well certainly - in the Internet!
The result of this эмансипанционной freedom was showed in some months after Viagra occurrence in the American market - and result, certainly, too quite predicted. If the lady who was called in online poll of a site about preparations http://www.par-set.ru/ - Viagra by "Love", has short commented on the experience "dialogue with Viagra" as "Super" that means - "in a fantastic way...". And the known magazine for women Cosmopolitan has printed such magnificent article with the name http://www.par-set.ru/ - "Viagra - I it have tried!".
In given article at observance of all "genre laws" Viagra, comparable, with flash on the Sun or volcano explosion is told about powerful influence of a preparation. The conclusion involuntarily arising from article, is reduced to that reception of a http://www.par-set.ru/ - preparation of Viagra presents the woman with violent power force, simply transforms it into the goddess of all elements, and also allocates with its some features of man's sex power.
These comments should surprise many experts: really inhibiting fosfodiesterazu-5 which is formed in tissues of a penis and improves action of an oxide of nitrogen, except an excessive relaxation of unstriated muscles also strengthens the inconceivable, surprising centers in cerebral hemispheres?

This description of action of http://www.par-set.ru/ - Viagra is possible has raised at your the doubts or even a boring?
But from the scientific point of view of the pharmaceutics, all effects described in "Kosmo", it is simply impossible to explain or prove. But at once the scene from a known film where the hero performed by Tarantino, treated the heroine cocaine, was stunned by the effect rendered by this powder on the lady is remembered.

Self-suggestion - a thing powerful. Especially, if the person himself by nature легковнушаем. And if "object" - a subject not ordinary, it is possible to tell, the super known. Moreover and its cost is high that gold and platinum won't be compared to it even. After all the http://www.par-set.ru/ - Viagra kg costs at least more than 200 000 dollars!
However at all so all is bad in this life - and Viagra quite still can render a positive role on treatment of sex dysfunctions at women.
In a greater degree, the bases for this purpose are: caused силденафилом blood inflow to genitals of the woman can well affect two major factors influencing quality of female sex sensations - humidifications of genitals and a clitoris erection. The disadvantage лубрикации sexual ways during sexual intercourse leads to that sex on dry "is called" - speak, it is very popular in the African people, but not at us and not зарубежом, and however, and is fine ….
And here the majority of women-representatives of other people hold the opinion that "sex on dry" - the thing unpleasant and can't deliver a maximum of pleasure to men, women, that is both partners during sexual intercourse.
One of the known doctors who are engaged in research of a preparation Viagra, doctor Arthur Barnet of Hopkinsky university, however, as well as its colleagues declare that Viagra could help here. As to "excitability" of a clitoris Viagra to no small degree depends on influence of this preparation possibility of achievement by the woman of a so-called orgasm клиторального, and certainly, force of physical experiences depends also during sexual intercourse.
The group of doctor Burnett considers, as here силденафил it can appear effective - after all the mechanism of excitation of a female clitoris in certain degree reminds effect of an erection of a penis of the man.

Undoubtedly, to all opinions of scientists and doctors it is necessary to listen with great attention: doctor Burnett - rather known expert, besides - one of those who stood "at sources" Viagras.
Still in the nineties the scientific council of doctors has turned great attention of the medical public for a role of an oxide of nitrogen in a parentage of dysfunction of an erection at men. And if to trust the statement of the scientist, the given publication in magazine Science, has formed the basis for abrupt turn in destiny of a preparation of Viagra.
After all that is interesting, on the first plans of developers силденафила - the Viagra prototype, it should battle not to an impotency, and with... An ischemic heart trouble! But in this quality the preparation of hasn't justified. And here the appreciable improvement of an erection taped at patients during clinical tests, was regarded as not clear by-effect силденафила. So that Viagra - a considerable merit of the first researchers of the Viagra which were at the beginnings of this preparation now represents.

But the same scientist Burnett doesn't recommend to women to use constantly http://www.par-set.ru/ - Viagra - because of possibility of occurrence adverse, and even dangerous by-effects. For today of research of efficiency силденафила in therapy of female sex dysfunctions proceed. Also qualitative changes are estimated, dosages and rules of introduction and preparation application are verified.
All results of researches of doctors and scientists proceed, and will be published in different printing editions. We as in turn will try to inform the readers on them. Before the fast occurrings, expensive reader! http://www.par-set.ru/ - Buy viagra.


The description of http://prodpar.ru/ - preparations for treatment of man's delicacy, will be very interesting even to women.
Life in pleasure and pleasure is an aspiration to harmony. Only everyone goes the way.
One use http://prodpar.ru/ - preparations and lives rejoice, others упоро are engaged in physical exercises and conduct a healthy way of life, and the third lower arms and think that it is their destiny...
Believe in itself and change life to the best! The person himself controls the life!!!
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In ancient times in one trading city there lived the official. Once, when he passed on a market square, any strange ragamuffin has quickly approached to him and, having cried out swear words, has spat in the person to the official and has escaped.
The official of a shame hasn't taken out and was ill. So also has died, but his friends have sent for the doctor who was famous for the ability to cure sincere wounds. The doctor has given to the patient five medicines and ordered every night, waking up at the appointed o'clock, to accept one of them.
Night has come. The official has accepted the first medicine, and the market square and how the ragamuffin has spat to him in the person has dreamed him. From intolerable humiliation and a shame the patient has terribly cried and has woken up.
The next night he has accepted the second medicine and has again seen the same dream, but instead of a shame he has felt the chilling I smother fear.
The same dream has dreamed the official and for the third night, but neither fear, nor the shame any more wasn't, and he has felt deep grief. The official was surprised, but has decided to follow instructions up to the end and the next night has drunk the fourth medicine. Certainly, he has again seen the same dream, but this dream any more wasn't such painful as the last nights, and the official only has felt feeling of easy surprise.
For the fifth night unexpectedly for itself the official has tested pleasure.
Without knowing what to think, he has risen from a bed and has immediately gone to the doctor behind council and new medicines.
- What did you feel after reception of my medicines? - The healer has asked.
- All the night long the same dream how the ragamuffin has spat in me dreamed me, - the official has answered, - but every night this dream caused in me new feeling: I tested that a shame, fear, grief, surprise. And last night I have felt pleasure and I test it till now. Now I am lost and I do not understand, what I should feel actually?
Having heard the official, the doctor has laughed and has told:
- It is unimportant that has occurred to you if you can concern to happened how consider it necessary. After all only on your choice depends, whether you will rejoice or be afflicted at the slightest pretext. As to a spittle in the person the wise person simply wouldn't pay to him attention as your offender - the madman, and his spittle is no more offensive for you, than the flaw which has powdered with a dust your eyes.

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On a glade, among huge wood, there lived-was the wizard who had a big herd of sheep. Every day he ate one sheep from herd. Sheep gave to the wizard a lot of troubles - they ran up on wood, and he had to spend a lot of time for catching one sheep, and others again to collect in herd. Certainly the sheep whom he was going to kill, felt it and started to resist desperately, and her shouts frightened others. And then the wizard has decided to think up such cunning – he has talked to each sheep alone, and to everyone something has inspired.

One it has told: "You not a http://pr00shp.ru - sheep, you the same person, as well as I. You have nothing to be afraid, after all I kill and I eat only sheep, but you the unique person in this herd that is - my best friend".

The second he has told: "Why you escape from me, as other sheep. You a lioness and you nothing to be afraid. I kill only sheep, and you my friend".

Third he has inspired: "Listen, you not a sheep, you a she-wolf. A she-wolf whom I respect. I will continue to kill, as before, daily one sheep from herd, but to a she-wolf, the best friend of the wizard, there is nothing to be afraid".

Thus, he has talked to each of sheep and to everyone has inspired that she not a sheep, and absolutely other animal which differs from all other sheep in herd. After that conversation the behavior of sheep has completely changed – they were absolutely easy grazed and more never escaped in wood. And when the wizard killed the next sheep, they thought: "Well here, have killed one more sheep, and me - to a lion, a wolf, the person, the best friend of the wizard, there is nothing to be afraid".

And even sheep whom he killed, have ceased to http://pr00shp.ru - resist. He simply approached to one of them and spoke: "About, my best friend, we didn't communicate for a long time. We will go to me on a court yard. I need to consult to you concerning herd of sheep". And the sheep with pride followed the wizard on a court yard. And there he really asked the best friend as there are affairs in herd. The victim with pleasure told to him about everything, and then the wizard killed her. As the death came instantly the sheep had time to understand nothing.

The wizard was very happy - he has highly lifted a self-appraisal of each of sheep, as a result they have ceased to hammer to themselves in a head thoughts on inevitable death, became less невротичны, enjoyed life and easy burned a grass therefore their meat became much more tasty. Throughout many years the wizard easily coped with huge herd, and the most interesting that other sheep began it to help - if any too sharp sheep started to guess a true state of affairs, the others овц. Well, that is lions, people, wolves - the best friends of the wizard, informed him on strange behavior of this sheep, and next day the wizard with pleasure ate it.

Such here a parable. And you, by the way, whom itself considers - a lion, a wolf or perhaps even as the person?

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In retinue of Fanja well-born people consisted. Dressed in white silk, they drove about in chariots or slowly strolled, looking at all haughtily.
Having noticed Kaja with Shang-mountain, old and weak, with suntanned until black the person, in a dress and a cap completely not not found, all of them have concerned him contemptiously and have begun to scoff at it as soon as could: sneered, deceived him, beat, pushed, threw from one to another. But Kaj with Shang-mountain didn't become angry, spongers were tired, and their inventions were settled.
Then together with Borders all of them have ascended to a high tower, and one of them has joked:
- The one who will dare to rush downwards, will receive in an award one hundred gold.
Others in eager rivalry began to agree, and Kaj, having accepted all for truth, has hastened to rush the first. Precisely soaring bird he has fallen on the earth, without having damaged neither bones, nor muscles.
The retinue of http://pr01shp.ru/>Fanja has accepted it for accident and not very much was surprised. And then someone, specifying in a whirlpool in a river bend, has again told:
- There - a precious pearl. Dive - you will find her.
Кай has again obeyed and has dived. Has come up, really, with a pearl.
Here all have become thoughtful, and Fan ordered to feed henceforth Kaja together with others meat and to dress him in silk.
But here in a treasury of Fanja the strong fire has flashed. http://pr01shp.ru/>Фань has told:
- You will manage to enter into fire, to rescue silk - all I will give to you to an award, how many you will pull out!
Кай, without fluctuating, has gone to a treasury, disappeared in a flame and again appeared, but fire didn't burn him, and soot didn't stick to him.
All in the house of Fanja have decided that he owns a secret, and began to ask from him pardons:
- We didn't know that you own miracle, and deceived you. We didn't know that you - sacred, and offended you. Consider us as fools, consider us as deaf persons, consider us blind! But permit to us to ask, in what your secret consists?
- I don't have secret, - Kaj with http://pr01shp.ru/>Shang-mountain has answered. - whence it is my heart doesn't know. And still about one I will try to tell to you.
Recently two from you spent the night in my hut, and I heard, how they eulogized Fanja: he-de can destroy live and recover dead, rich to make the poor man, and poor - the rich man. And I have gone to him, despite a long journey for really at me doesn't remain other desires. When has come here, I trusted each your word. Without thinking neither of danger, nor that becomes with my body, was afraid to be only insufficiently betrayed, insufficiently executive. Only about one there were my thoughts, and nothing could stop me. That's all. Just now, when I have learned that you deceived me, in me doubts and alarms have risen, I began to listen and get accustomed to yours похвальбе. Has remembered the past: has had the luck not to burn down, not to sink - and from a grief, for fear me has gone hot, has captured a shiver. Unless I can to come nearer once again to water and a flame?
Since then удальцы Fanja didn't dare to offend beggars and коновалов on roads. Having met them, bowed, having descended from a chariot. Having learned about it, Tszaj In has informed Konfutsiju. Конфуций has told:
- Unless you don't know that the person full of belief, is capable to influence things, to touch the sky and the earth, gods and souls of ancestors, to cross the Universe from the east on the West, from the north on the south, from zenith to a nadir. Not only the precipice, a whirlpool or a flame - anything won't stop him. http://pr01shp.ru/>Kai with Shang-mountain has believed in lie, and anything hasn't prevented him. The it is more, when both parties искренни. Remember this, the young man!

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Earlier Truth walked the streets the naked. It, of course, wasn't pleasant to people, and nobody started up her to itself(himself) in the house. Once, when sad Truth wandered on streets, she has met a Parable dressed in beautiful clothes, pleasing an eye. The parable has asked Truth:
- Why you walk the streets naked and such sad?
Truth it is sad has hung a http://pr02shp.ru/>head and has told:
- The sister washing, I fall all more low and more low. I am already old and unfortunate, therefore people leave from me.
- Can't be, - the Parable has told, - that people leave from you because you are old. I here too am not younger than you, but the I become more senior, the it is more in me find. I will open to you a secret: people don't love http://pr02shp.ru/>simple, open things. They prefer, that things have been a little latent and embellished. Give I to you I will borrow some the beautiful dresses, and you will http://pr02shp.ru/>see at once, how people will fall in love with you.
Truth has accepted council of the Parable and has put on in her http://pr02shp.ru/>beautiful clothes. And here a miracle - from that day nobody escaped from her, and her accepted with pleasure and with a smile. Since then Truth and the Parable don't leave.

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